* Written and dedicated to Duo Ikt.

** Arranged for Duo Ikt.

° Arranged by Duo Ikt.

Izidor Leitinger (1971): Tribal Trip for alto saxophone and set-up (2018) *

James van Heusen (1913-1990), arr. Rémy Labbé: Polka Dots and Moonbeam for soprano saxophone and vibraphone (2018) **

Julian Bennett Holmes (1991): Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Marimba (2018) *

Ernst Spyckerelle (1991): Concordia for alto saxophone and vibraphone (2018) *

Christine Elise Chen (1991): Making it in Algebra City for alto saxophone and marimba (2018) *

Mike Brinzer: TBA (2018) *

William Albright (1944): Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1984) °

II. La follia nuova: a lament for George Cacioppo

Gerard Brophy (1953): We Bop! for alto saxophone and vibraphone  (1995)

Manuel de Falla (1876): Siete Canciones Populares Españolas (1914) °

III. Asturiana

Leon Firšt (1994): Tok misli/Stream of Thoughts for alto saxophone and vibraphone (2015)

Andrew Koss (1994): Two Fragments for alto saxophone, vibraphone and set-up (2017) *

I.          Raw

II.         Reverent

Nejc Kuhar (1987): A Day in Amsterdam for alto saxophone and set-up (2016) *

Guillermo Lago (1960): Canciones Flamencas for saxophone and marimba (+ bass drum ad lib.) (2011) **

I.          La Boda

II.         Bruselas

III.        Alegria De Brabante

Guillermo Lago (1960): The Maurer Poems for alto saxophone and marimba (2016) *

I.          Ograje; Fences

II.         V Ozadju; In the Background

III.        Igram za vse; I Play for All

Arnold Marinissen (1966): Pithos for alto saxophone and vibraphone (2017) *

Nick Woud (1955): Dario's Wiegeliedje/Lullaby for Dario (2000) **

Nick Woud (1955): Ninnananna per Alba (2011) **